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"In July of 2009 I purchased a 6 week old blue tick coon hound, named Gracie. She was a tiny little thing and absolutely adorable. She grew quickly and before long was 65+ lbs. When she was 12 weeks old, we completed a pretty expensive, 6 week "puppy training" class and at the end of it Gracie was as rambunctious and ill-mannered as ever. She ran through people, jumped on anything or anyone standing still or moving for that matter. At one point she knocked my 73 yr. old mother flat on her face! She would take off into the woods behind our house for hours at a time. She "visited" neighbors who really weren't all that interested in her company. She also ate anything and everything she could put her mouth around. In December alone, she ate 14 ornaments off the Christmas tree, an UGG boot and a Gregg's chocolate cake!

Upon hearing my saga of the crazy dog, a colleague recommended a boot camp style training program. I was skeptical. We'd already tried training. After doing a little research, I decided I had nothing more to lose, except more shoes and friends! Julia met with us and outlined what the training entailed and what we could expect at the end of it. I must admit I did not completely believe she could make the difference she was describing. So, to say I was shocked and thrilled when I picked Gracie up after her 2 weeks of training, is an understatement. She now listens to commands. She sits, lays down and stays when directed. She comes when she's called and stays in her own yard to play. This training has made her an integral part of our family. We can have company, enjoy a meal, and have fun spending time with her. I cannot thank Julia enough for training Gracie. This training is amazing and has made our Gracie a happier, safer dog!

It is with the utmost confidence that I recommend Julia to anyone considering training for their dogs. She has a kind, caring way with them and they immediately sense that it is safe to be with her and that she is in charge. My 10 yr. old Jack Russell had never been boarded and was not the most friendly of dogs with strangers and yet he went willingly with Julia and came home a much better behaved dog! Julia is a shining example of an honest business woman who does exactly what she says she will do. You will not be disappointed if you choose to work with Julia."

– Denise M. T.


"During the fall of 2001 I finally got a puppy of my own. An eight week on Black and Tan Coonhound. Little did I know what a mind of their own hounds tend to have. Teak was no exception. At my vet for his first puppy visit the late Dr. Cates had a business card for a local dog trainer. Long story short Teak's seven years with me were full of joy largely because of how obedient he was. Julia worked for a week straight training Teak. Everyone that knew Teak could see he was very well trained.
Along in 2010 came my second Coonhound Dixie. She was a 5 year of rescue from the south. The third day with me she jumped my parent's fence and attacked the neighbor's dog. Dixie also had an eye of my father dog. My first though was Julia. Now about 4 months later I again have an obedient hound. Julia has gained a life long client and I would highly recommend her services without reservation."

– Keith M., Newport, RI

"A little over a year ago I purchased my second English Bull Terrier. Anyone familiar with the breed knows the degree of bull headedness, endless energy, intelligence (& sense of humor) that makes the Eng Bull Terrier unique, even in the vast world of dogs with all the typical terrier traits. I arrived here with long term accommodations in a motel which actually welcomes dogs.

I lost my former "bullie" not long ago, after 16 years of togetherness. Understandably her days as a young dog are only a vague memory & I was 20 odd years younger myself. By now I was convinced that my former bullie could not possibly have had the strength & other slightly undesirable qualities that my new dog was showing me. Let's just say, she was out of control & not a good fit for my current mission in life. After much research in the community as well as a strong recommendation from a fellow terrier owner who was originally convinced they had truly bought the dog from hell, I contacted Julia Carty. Right from the get go it was evident that Julia is a real dog person. Not only that, but she is extremely intuitive & knowledgeable in her training, her understanding of all the many breeds she deals with & most important has a deep connection with any breed. Ad to that her innate sensitivity to what each individual owner would like to achieve with their relationship to their pet. Ad to those qualities the fact that Julia is not one who says something to the effect of "this is my method" for training your dog. On the contrary each animal is an individual, what works with one, may not be appropriate for another. I found this to be a valuable quality in such a highly qualified trainer.

Another big plus: even after the initial training & correction of specific problems, Julia, at no cost, was willing to come to where ever I might be experiencing difficulty & work with me & the dog together. e.g. in my case, at the motel & other places where I wanted the dog to respect my wishes, not hers. It was never a feeling of here is your dog, it is fixed, & thank you for your business. Julia, appears to be in it for the long run. I found this to be unique & so valuable as time goes on & my dogs passes through the terrible twos.
I have a couple of other dogs, not with me at this time, whom I can't wait to put into Julia's hands & I strongly recommend anyone who wants to fully enjoy their dog's companionship regardless of previous issues, hereditary or owner caused, to waste no time in contacting this delightful person.

Thank you so very much, Julia, from Annie Oakley & Marilla."