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Board To Train:

Board To Train is a program during which the dog stays with the trainer for a pre-determined period of time to complete training. After training is completed, the owners then participate in a private lesson training session to teach them all of the skills necessary to maintain what the dog has learned and how to use these skills in their everyday lives.

Private Lessons:

Island Canine Academy, LLC. offers one-on-one time with owners and dogs to teach puppy management, basic obedience, follow-up lessons and behavior modification. Private Lessons are provided free of charge to clients whose dogs have already completed one of our other training programs.

Puppy Selection:

If you are looking for the right puppy for your home and lifestyle, Island Canine Academy can help you choose a specific breed if you are looking for a purebred dog. We can help with selection from a litter or shelter as all puppies are NOT created equal. Temperament testing and knowledge of breeds can provide a great deal of information as to whether or not a puppy will be the right fit.

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Housebreaking and Puppy Management:

Getting you on the right track from the very beginning can prevent a lot of headache and heartache when raising a puppy. We have had wonderful success in helping owners and puppies get off to a great start using strict housebreaking guidelines and teaching basic puppy handling skills to curb behaviors such as nipping, jumping, and chewing.

Island Canine Academy, LLC. offers lifelong refresher training built into the cost of a program. We recognize that training is a 50/50 equation. 50% of training is the dog, 50% of training is the owner. Once your dog has completed a training program, any follow up lessons are free to make sure the owner is secure in handling the new skills their dog has learned.

Island Canine Academy, LLC. also offers breeding and whelping services.